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Terms of Use

1. Introduction

1.1 This Document sets out the Terms of Use for use of this website ( It is intended to be read by all users of the website.

2. Definitions

2.1 the Document: the Terms of Use to which Users are obliged to adhere, detailed below

2.2 the Site:

2.3 Alvius: Alvius Ltd, Company Number 08721054

2.4 User/Users: Individuals who create an account on one of our platforms by entering information on a Site and use the Service for Users (see definition below). Also includes all other visitors to the Site. Users must agree to these Terms of Use.

2.5 Service for Users: the service offered by Alvius to Users whereby Users may create an Account with a view to entering into a form of employment.

2.6 Employers: organisations which are approved by Alvius to use the Alvius Service for Employers (see definition below)

2.7 Service for Employers: A range of Software as a Service and related services whereby Alvius supports Employers' recruitment and talent management with our Sites.

2.8 Personal Details: includes but not limited to User’s name, email address and date of birth

2.9 Site: One or more hosted online platforms supplier by Alvius to an Employer.

3. Framework information

3.1 The Site is owned and operated by Alvius and is available to Users under the Terms of Use detailed in this Document. By accessing and using the services available on the site and by creating an Account, the User accepts these Terms of Use.

3.2 The Terms of Use shall be interpreted according to the laws of England.

3.3 Users should read these Terms of Use and ensure that they both understand and accept them before creating an Account.

4. User Obligations

4.1 Users agree to provide Alvius with information which is entirely accurate and truthful. They will not, under any circumstances, provide information which is either incorrect or misleading.

4.2 Users agree only to provide information of which they are the rightful owner and which they are within their rights to divulge. Users understand that it is their responsibility to ensure that this is the case and accept full liability for any damage or loss suffered by any parties should this obligation not be adhered to.

4.3 Users understand and accept that it is their responsibility to ensure that their details on their Account are kept up to date. This can be achieved by logging in via the home page of the Site.

4.4 While Alvius very much hopes that Users will find the Service for Users beneficial, Users accept that the creation of an Account on the Site is no guarantee of any of gaining a job offer or any other outcome.

4.5 While Alvius will make every effort to ensure that only reputable and honest employers are able to use the Service for Employers, Users accept that GradList accepts no liability for damages or loss caused by the actions of the Employers who use the Service for Employers.

4.6 Users agree that non-compliance with the terms detailed in the Document will be considered a material breach of these Terms of Use. Should such a breach take place, Alvius may:

4.6.1 Remove the Users Account from the Site and refuse the User further access to the Site or services provided by Alvius and/or;

4.6.2 Take legal action

5. Terms of Use and Personal Data

5.1 Users may not, for business or commercial ends, reproduce material on the Site. Users are granted a non-exclusive right to use the Site. Users accept that Alvius is the sole proprietor of all material and content on the Site and has all intellectual property rights with regard to the Site.

5.2 Access to the Site is granted on a temporary basis only and Alvius reserves the right to deny access to any individual at any time without notice and without specifying any reason for doing so.

5.3 Should for any reason, the Site not be available to individuals or all Users, Alvius will be held entirely harmless.

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1 Alvius does not accept any liability for material or content provided by 3rd party websites to which links are featured on the Site. Users accept that the Terms of Use of engagement with 3rd party organisations will be their own and will differ from the Terms of Use of the Site.

6.2 Alvius accepts no liability for information provided on the Site which is out of date or inaccurate.

6.3 Under no circumstances shall Alvius be liable to any Users or User. Users agree to hold Alvius entirely harmless with respect to any actions which may be undertaken or any demands/claims made. This includes, but is not limited to, legal fees incurred.

6.4 Alvius reserves the right to alter or terminate any or all of the Terms of Use detailed in this Document, without notice. Users accept that, should they wish to terminate their obligation to abide by these Terms of Use, they will be required to apply for their Account to be removed by emailing to that effect. Users understand and accept that they may not alter any of the Terms of Use detailed in this Document.

6.5 The User agrees that, upon entering them into a Site, Alvius becomes the legal owner of all Personal Details and Other User Information, without limit, and irrespective of the closure of any Account. As such, the User resigns all rights over Personal Details and Other User Information and agrees that Alvius may use this information in any way, providing that the use is in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy are not broken.

7. General

7.1 Users accept that these Terms of Use do not constitute any sort of partnership.

7.2 Alvius reserves the right to make any changes to the Site it sees fit, without notification to any Users.