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Modern Slavery Statement of Intent


Alvius Ltd is a technology provider to both the private and public sectors. We provide HR and recruitment software as a service.

Although Alvius Ltd is not required to publish an annual modern slavery statement, due to the revenue criteria determined by the UK Government guidelines, we are, as a company, aware of the impact and risks modern slavery can have across our staff, contractors and supply chain and strongly condemn any such acts. We are dedicated to ensuring both modern slavery and human trafficking does not occur at any point within our company, contractors or supply chain.  

As such, we are committed to implementing our own statement in line with government guidelines. We aim to implement a Modern Slavery Statement within the next 12 months.

Due to the size of our business, this will be a difficult process that may take time to implement. In the meantime, Alvius Ltd already has in place various policies and procedures including, but not limited to: Anti-Slavery Policy, Whistleblowing Policy, Recruitment Policy, Code of Conduct, Training Policy.

Alvius Ltd ensures all employees have read and understood the policies and procedures as part of their training and development. Details of these can be found by employees on the company intranet. 

Company Structure

Alvius Ltd is a small company, structured under three departments. These include Tech, Operations and Business Operations. Each department has a level of management, who sit underneath the Managing Directors. 

This management are responsible for training staff to idetinfy risks of modern slavery occuring in the company and supply chain. Overall responsibility for ultimately sits at the Managind Director level.  

Risk Assessment

Over the next 12 months, Alvius Ltd will perform risk assessments on our supply chain and internal company elements to identify areas of risk in relation to modern slavery. Once identified, these risks will be scored by impact and likelihood to enable Alvius Ltd to prioritise those risks. 

We will then implement steps to mitigate these risks and will regularly review them via the development of KPIs to ensure we are progressing and continuously improving. 

Due Diligence

Alvius Ltd has a zero-tolerance commitment to modern slavery and human traficking. As such, we will undertake a restructure in our due diligence process in regarding to spotting modern slavery so the risks of such are limited. This will involve a review of the current policies and procedures, and collaboration with specialists where necessary. 

Within the Alvius Ltd supply chain, we will develop a process to ensure risks from providers are limited, which may include reviewing supplier Modern Slavery Statements, memebership of bodies, and audits where possible. 

Should a supply chain be found to have a high risk, Alvius Ltd will ask for this to be reviewed, and if improvement is not performed, will terminate relationships with suppliers.  


Once a Modern Slavery Statement has been developed, Alivus Ltd will present this to the board for approval. It will then be signed by one of the Managing Directors.